Augmented Reality for Customer Engagement and Experience

Augmented reality (AR) technology is redefining the paradigm for customer engagement and experience. Its ability to enhance real-world experiences by overlaying digital information and graphics onto the physical world opens up a slew of possibilities for brands, businesses and marketers. It helps take customer engagement and experience to the next level by providing customers with unique interactive experiences that help build brand loyalty and enhance customer satisfaction.

Examples of leveraging AR to create deep immersive experiences range from interactive product demonstrations to creating personalized product experiences that cater to specific needs and preferences of individual customers.  It can, for instance be used to make the customers undergo virtual try-on experience in the case of clothing or fashion accessories.

Using AR technology to engage with customers and provide them with a better shopping experience allows the latter to make more informed purchase decisions, apart from building brand awareness and loyalty. Because it leads to much enhanced customer satisfaction, the incidence of returns too gets reduced.

By helping enhance the overall shopping experience by empowering the customers with additional information and context about the products, AR can provide a huge boost to online sales. It can, for example, help create interactive product labels that provide customers with important information about product ingredients, the manufacturing process and the shelf life of a product again empowering the customers to take the best buying decisions. That helps build brand trust and loyalty like nothing else. With AR technology continuing to evolve and becoming more accessible we can expect more and more brands and businesses to put this technology to use to create memorable experiences for their customers. The use of AR or augmented reality for providing life like immersive product and service experience to customers is all set to revolutionize e-commerce as we know it.