E-Commerce is a many trillion-dollar industry and growing all the time. That being stated, it is also a hyper-competitive space, where a business needs to put its best foot forward to do better than the competition consistently. By far the best way to increase sales and enhance brand loyalty is by moving in from 2D product pictures and leveraging AR and 3d visualization technology on one's eCommerce website. As a matter of fact, 61% of customers prefer shopping via such websites to the ones that don't incorporate such technology.

The best way of doing that is by using the services of Advertflair, the pioneers in 3D design and production.  Let us look at how 3D visualization helps improve and enhance e-commerce businesses:

1. An Extremely Engaging Product Experience

3D visualization makes a customer’s purchase experience as real as possible. It blurs the distinction between an online and an offline purchase experience enabling the customer to make a purchase decision that much faster.

2. Better ROI

A direct consequence of the improvement of the product experience is a corresponding improvement in marketing results. Past experience has shown that e-commerce stores that deploy 3D visualization see a significant enhancement in sales and conversions. In fact, research shows that customers who viewed products with the help of VR are 65% more likely to purchase them. Better ROI for an e-commerce company’s marketing efforts is, therefore, an important outcome of 3D visualization.

3. Diminished Product Returns

Perhaps the most significant impact of incorporating 3D visualization by using a 3D product viewer like the one provided by Advertflair is the fact that it helps diminish product returns in a major way. Product returns on account of a mismatch between the product viewed on the website and the one delivered is a major e-commerce disadvantage. 3D visualization helps eliminate that problem by providing a fairly accurate and realistic representation of the actual product.

4. More Time Spent on Web Page Showcasing Products

The short attention span of potential customers is a major problem with e-commerce stores. The deployment of 3D visualization, however, solves this problem quite effectively, with research proving that half the users spend above 2 minutes on web pages that utilize 3D visualization.


3D visualization is an increasingly important component of e-commerce businesses. That is because it helps customers obtain a more engrossing shopping experience by allowing them to visualize products in great detail and thereby make informed purchase decisions. Doing so leads to increased sales, fewer returns, and enhanced customer loyalty. Besides, 3D visualization is a highly cost-effective way of creating product visuals across varying platforms and marketing campaigns. Overall, the Product 3D Viewer is a powerful tool that helps online businesses improve their online presence and drive sales.

With the growth of e-commerce being so huge and savvy marketers deploying ever-new technologies to engage with their target audiences, it makes great sense for all online businesses to include 3D visualization as an integral part of their customer engagement.