B2B has transformed beyond recognition over the past few years. Nowhere is this more evident than in the case of savvy furniture brands that provide an engaging online experience to the potential buyers. Digital technologies like 3D product visualization have caused a paradigm shift in how we find, compare and buy products. Both business as well as individual buyers are very likely to take the help of their connected devices to make the right purchase decision.

In fact, there has been a veritable transformation in the mindset of the furniture industry, which has historically been quite slow to change. More and more furniture brands ae today trying out new forms of in-store and online engagement that provides very engaging user experiences

Let us look at seven ways in which 3D product visualization can help furniture brands do exceptionally well

1. Customizing Products-

Furniture lends itself to very well to personalized purchases, and something like a product configurator makes it quite easy and convenient to display different types of fabrics, colors as well as finishes. 3D product visualization is particularly useful for brands that have a diverse product portfolio.

The principal benefit of deploying 3D product visualization is the ability to customize home furnishing at scale, enabling brands to showcase an extremely large number of product variations at very low cost.


Montana Furniture deploys 3D technology to help customize its products and there by improve the online shopping experience. It boasts more than 70000 configurations digitally.

2. More Engaged Product Page Experience

The furniture business is all about product aesthetics and your web presence being the first point of contact has to reflect that in a market scenario where your consumers are digitally savvy. Things like 360-degree images, differing angles and detail shots make all the difference.


Universal Furniture has a very engaging product page with multiple features like 360-degreeviews, 4K zoom, alternate angles and diverse configuration options.

3. (High Quality) Zoom

Details are everything in furniture buying. The zoom feature plays a very crucial role in online engagement as it replicates the way buyers look at products in real life. It helps them view a product in a manner that satisfies them completely.


Hydeline the premium quality US leather furnishings showroom uses a sharp 4k zoom feature to empower their buyers to view their products in great detail.

4. Highlighting Lifestyle Via Images

Providing context is at the core of the furniture pitch to a client. Room scenes, for instance, can help the customers visualize the product in rich detail (color, fabric and size).


UK Furniture Brand Swoon known for its designs leverages 3D product visualization to display its handcrafted furniture will full context and at scale.

5. As Retailer Network Assets

In a world going rapidly digital, brands are expected to support their retailers with visual assets that will lead to enhance conversions or store visits. 3D product visualization can help you use the assets across a retailer network.


Leading North American furniture company Palliser is all set to deploy 3D product visualization technique to empower their retailer network with the best quality assets.

6. Via Downloadable Images & PDF Spec Sheets

Furniture brands these days enable their product pages to posses the ability to download images and PDF spec sheets on customer request. 3D product visualization makes this process very easy and convenient leading to higher client conversion.


Upper end residential furniture manufacturer Century uses 3D product visualization to empower its customers to view products in a 360-degree sweep, choose an angle or color and then download product specs PDF.

7. Provide Catalogues

Catalogue shave long been an integral part of furniture marketing and these days you have online ones. With 3D visualization one can display unlimited versions of one’s product without having to photograph all of them.


American furniture success story Riverside Corporation is known to leverage 3D visualization to come up with lifestyle imagery at scale that helps showcase their products in a wide and diverse range of colors and materials.