Do you know what is the most commonthing between Finding Nemo, Frozen, Call of Duty, and Harlock: Space Pirate?Yes, the first thing that is common is that these are incredibly successful intheir genre. But the other thing that is quite commonly said is that thesemovies and games have utilized different types of 3D Animation to achievesuccess. Now, if you have never heard about 3D Animation, then you must be wondering: What Is 3D Animation? Well, if you are not familiar with the term,then let's dive into the details of 3D Animation and its type here:

What Is 3D Animation?

3D Animation is a process that is usedprimarily in making televisions, games, and filmmaking. It is a process thattakes digital objects and makes them come to life with the help of the illusionthat the objects are moving in via a three-dimensional space.

It is all about creating movingthree-dimensional images in a digital form with the help of 3D software thatallows animators to create a computerized 3D object the object is on a 2D surface. The game "Call Of Duty" is a remarkable example in terms of3D Animation.

With the help of realistic visualeffects and accurate timings, one can make video game characters into advertisements within a few hours with a three-dimensional space.

Types of 3D Animation:

Now, if you are interested in 3DAnimation and searching for 3D Animation Services for your brand or business,then you are probably wondering which type of Animation works for yourbusiness. Before you get confused, here are some of the types of Animation thatyou should know about:

Digital 3D:

Also known as CGI, this type of 3D Animation is used by adding some motion graphics to enhance the footage that isalready existing or making it from scratch.

Interactive 3D:

It is a type of 3D Animation that isusually commonly used in video game making Animation that one can interact within real-time.

Virtual Reality 3D:

It is an evaluation of interactive 3D Technology that offers an immersive experience by allowing interaction withobjects in three-dimensional space.

Stop Motion:

It is a type of Animation thatincludes a few subtypes working on a principle to make a series of images ofstill objects appears moving.


It is a type of 3D Animation thatemploys objects and real actors and is equal to a live-action movie. It has twosubtypes that are:  stop motion andcut-out Animation.

Cel Shading:

It is a type of Animation that is afusion of 2D and 3D combining into one, making the objects that are renderedwith this look drawn by hand.

Motion Capture:

It is a type of Animation that recordsreal objects and actors and then translates it to animation by placing specialsensors around the objects or actors.

Process of 3D Animation: Difference between 2D and 3D Animation:

Is there a difference between 2D and3D process? Well, if that's what you are thinking, then both Technologies have three main steps: Pre-production, production, and post-production. But itdiffers in the production stage.

In the pre-production, the artist generates ideas, draws a storyboard by preparing a script, and creates theconcept. In 2D animation, artists develop two to three frames per second inpost-production. At the final stage, the frame gets colored and inked.

3D Animation is a bit harder than 2Dand is more time-consuming as well as resource intensive and requires you tocreate assets. You need to make the model with some texture and also rig it tomake an animation out of it.

In this post-production Process of 3D Animation, 2D effects are added, color correction is done to make the productlook consistent, and finally, sound is added to the Animation. Whereas in 2D,VFX is added with backgrounds.

Uses of 3D Animation:

So it is useful for your business? Ifyou are still not sure whether these types of Animation in 3D can be helpfulfor your business or not, then let us know about some of the uses of 3DAnimation that can change the way you look at the business:

  • With the help of 3D Animation, you can boostthe understanding of your product to the customers as it offers clarity of anobject.
  • 3D Animation allows you to promote your productin different sizes as it is scalable, giving you infinite choices for promotion.
  • It gives you infinite chance of reusability,as with proper editing and changes, you can promote it several times.
  • With the help of this Technology, you can doproper branding of your products and attract customers at the same time.

3D Animation with Examples:

Is 3D Animation making a difference inany business vertical? 3D Animation has become quite an integral part ofdifferent industries. Some of the examples include:

In recent years, Pixar has made a hugesuccess with the help of 3D Animation by employing movies such as TheIncredibles, Frozen, and The Toy Story.

When we talk about movies that featureCGI, we cannot forget to mention Jurassic Park's Dinosaurs and the robots inthe movie Transformers.

In the gaming genre, some of thefamous examples of 3D Animation include Super Mario 64, Final Fantasy VII, andmore.

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