Remember the time when you were alittle kid and wished for a magic wand that could bring this to life? Well, with 3D manufacturing, you can fulfil your wish but on a more realistic scale. It is the most amazing art and science of building anything with the help of 3D digital design and producing or manufacturing it at every stage, right from the concept to the final production of a product. Before we dive into the details of how this technology is beneficial for any business, let's throw some lighton the technology itself here:

What is 3D Manufacturing?

So, what exactly is this technology? Well, the term 3D manufacturing, Additive 3D printing, Additive Manufacturing,or 3D printing all refers to the same process of making a solidthree-dimensional object from a digital file. Doesn't it sound like magic?

The process of making 3D products starts from digitally designing a product in 3D manufacturing software. In themagical 3D manufacturing process of making solid objects from digital files, several layers of materials (usually in powdered form) are laid down as per thecomputer specifications to create a real object.

Every thin layer at its stage helps inbuilding the overall production step by step and becomes a final product withthe help of assembly line devices such as 3D printers.

In today's overly competitive era, 3D manufacturing software has become a vital point in several industries, including medical, defence, automotive, aerospace, and more.

Types of 3D Manufacturing

Now that every industry is different,the needs of each industry are different from the other. Catering to the needs, 3D manufacturing technology is divided into several other forms that are used by several industries in manufacturing. These include:


It is a type in which a piece of thermoplastic thread that is loosely attached to the coil is fed through the extruder. Thematerial heats for the application of one flat layer at a time on the structure.

Vat Polymerization:

Similar to the extrusion, this type uses vat Polymerization, which uses liquid raisins by utilizing concent rated ultraviolet or laser light. The plastic material heats to form the next layersof the structure.

Powder Jet Fusion:

It is a type of 3D Manufacturing thatapplies light on heat to solidify the powdered material, forming the final product. It offers more detailed geometrics, offering more accuracy to Complex 3D models.

Material Jetting:

This type of manufacturing has to get"shoots" material that will the surface or previous layer with thehelp of a nozzle. This type of manufacturing process can apply different materials concurrently.

Binder Jetting:

This type of manufacturing utilizesraw material in powdered form instead of applying the Powder to the object with the help of cutting or jetting. With a liquid bonding agent on each layer, it offers the best adhesion.

Directed Energy Deposition:

In this type of manufacturing, metalin wired or powdered form is deposited by using a high energy source of poweron the structure. It is usually used for metals and is similar to the traditional welding process.

What are the advantages of 3D Manufacturing?

If you are thinking about employing 3D product animation services for your business, then you probably have been wondering whether it is the right thing for you or not.

Well, if that's what's bothering you,then here are a few advantages that will change your mind:

Fast Prototyping and Flexibility:

In terms of designing and prototyping, 3D manufacturing allows the printing and design of more complex designs incomparison to the traditional process. It allows the manufacturing of different parts within a few hours, allowing each stage of manufacturing to be faster andinexpensive at the same time.

On-Demand Print and Robust Parts:

It cannot be denied that 3D printing materials are robust and light weight, as the materials that are used in the process are usually plastic and metals. Apart from that, it gives you enough liberty in terms of saving space for inventory, as there is no requirement toprint in bulk. And with design, you can manufacture whenever required.

Waste Minimising and Fast Production:

Depending upon the part of the design,you can print any object by creating CAD or STL files within a few hours, whichis way faster than the traditional methods. As it only requires a few parts ofproduction, there is little or no wastage in comparison to the traditional method.

Cost-Effective and GreenManufacturing:

The best part is that it saves a lotof time and cost as it only has a single-step manufacturing process and can beset up without the need for operators to be present all the time. The processreduces the amount of waste material, and that is why it is anenvironment-friendly way of manufacturing products.

With this technology making groundbreaking innovations in the medical domain, 3D manufacturing technology has become a must for every industry to excel.

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