Animation has evolved over the past couple of decades over leaps and bounds. There have been ferocious advancements and rapid growth in alternatives for the animators to choose out of the best styles and transitions for her projects. Ever since the reckoning of the 21st century, the debate remains open-ended- “Why 3D Animation is Better Than 2D?” Now it has reasons to remain debatable. If you are wondering whether 3D is for your business then let’s talk about the aspects and needs of the animators that determine if 3D animation is better than 2D and if yes, then why?

2D vs 3D Animation: What’s the Major Difference?

Before we jump to the conclusions, let’s first distinguish the latter from the former.

2D Animation

2D Animation is also known as traditional animation. Hand drawn articles are also considered illustrations of 2D animation. Later in the 20th century it started getting generated via computer devices as well.

There are various techniques used in 2D Animation, such as:

  • Cels
  • Cel Overlay
  • Shooting on twos
  • Animation loops, etc.

3D Animation

  • Countless images put together in such a way that it resembles a moving image or motion picture is what 3D animation do.
  • 3D animation depicts an illusion that those images are moving in a 3D environment.
  • Various softwares are used in creating 3D animation such as Blender, Maya, 3Ds max, etc.

After a brief account of the basics of 2D and 3D animation, let’s move onto the basic differences between 2D v/s 3D animation and why is 3D animation services better than the former.

2D Animation vs 3D Animation: Why 3D is Far Superior?

In the quest of 2D Animation vs 3D Animation, 3D animation has proved to be an immense success over the years, and it’s often regarded as superior to 2D animation for several valid reasons.


This alone should counter all the claims made by bloggers to support 2D being cost effective. In 3D animation, you don’t compromise with the realistic visuals generated via 360⁰ camera angles. The better the quality, the more realistic the animation appears to the customers. The comprehensive abilities to manipulate lighting and background in 3D animation service result in surreal realistic visuals.

Vast imagination:

Considering the addition of another dimension unlocked in 3D animation, the number of probable outputs for a certain design is increased significantly. Thus, an animator has liberty to showcase a product in countless appealing ways. 3D animation leads to the creation of animated characters and vicinity. It is another pro in favor of 3D animation in this debate about 3D vs 2D animation.

Reusable models in 3D Animation:

With slight changes in a model or prototype already generated by 3D animation, one can use them repeatedly to add more details to your product presentation. This saves a lot of time and resources for the animator.

Generates Complex designs:

While 2D animation has its own utility, 3D animation offers a broader range of possibilities. It can be used across industries, from medical simulations, gaming to architecture. The probability of 3D animation service is unmatched. It has the viability of creating complex 3D curves and graphs that give an acute representation of information.


3D animation facilitates engagement to the article and engagement of the audience in the animation. It’s not supposed to be one way communication; viewers can simultaneously interact with 3D content in real-time. This is a breakthrough advantage, especially in the gaming industry and digital marketing.


With contradiction to what a man in the street might think, 3D animation have become more cost-effective than ever. A maiden investment might be higher than 2D, but the eventual benefits and proficiency in production often make up for it.

Global Appeal:

The reason why 3D Animation is Better Than 2D is because 3D animation is not limited by language or even cultural barriers. It urges a global audience to take a keen interest in a product that is depicted by 3D animation. Usage of 3D animation in international marketing and entertainment is extensive, making it a wise choice for a diverse demographic of animators and digital creators.

Still, it’s evident that 2D animation has served digital marketing campaigns to an extent with its unique features and applications, particularly in certain industrial contexts or when aiming at digital aesthetics. It’s not a matter of one being inferior to the other, but it depends widely on the necessities of a firm or its digital creators. However, with the changing dynamics 3D is considered superior. It’s a matter of choosing the right set of tools for the task at hand based on the project’s requirements.

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