3D animation is the new rage in the market, and if you are a brand owner, then you definitely know that there is no other technology that can beat 3D Product Animation.

The power of 3D Animation in product marketing is quite significant as it can graphically simplify any complicated concept of any brand with visually appealing and accurate Animation.

3D animation is shaping the digital landscape, and several companies have adopted this technology due to its immense benefits for product marketing. With this technology, you can showcase your product to customers in the most engaging way, leading to increased sales. So how to make 3D product animation?

Well, if you are thinking about utilizing this transformative technology for your business, here are some essential steps you should know about the 3D animation process:

How to Make 3D Product Animation:

Photorealistic and detailed 3D models of any product can do wonders for any brand. When we are talking about the marketing industry, the future of 3D marketing has a lot of potential and will thrive in the coming years.

So, if you are a business owner, then harnessing the power of this 3D marketing strategy is definitely something that you should consider reaching your brand goals. Here are the essential steps that you need to know about to create 3D Animation for your product:

Animation Concept:

How to create a 3D animated product video? Well, the first step is quite simple, which is to create a concept. It is the crucial step in designing a concept for the product animation. You should have a clear aim for product marketing, a clear idea of what Animation is about, and a relevant search for creating an impactful concept.

Design Brief:

In this step, you need to provide information to the animator that will help them in designing a brief as per your product requirement. If you have developed a marketing campaign that is well-focused on the product, then creating a brief storyline of the product can do wonders. It is a vital step for making a detailed, focused animation video.

Create a Script:

If you have a clear idea for the project, the next step is to write a well-crafted script on how to present the animation. You can put every detail in sequence on the storyboard. After you make a script, you can add the visual elements to make it look more appealing. This can also help you identify any kind of mistakes during the reproduction process.

Lead Model:

At this stage, animators create the lead model as per the script to get an idea of what it would look like at the start. Information such as size, dimension, colours, textures, etc., will be added to create a product model. Changes to the overall look of the product are made at this stage to ensure the model matches the product perfectly.

Crafting 3D Scene:

After designing the model of the product, it is time to create a background setting. How will the product be shown, and how will the primary models be created following the script? It’s all about garnering the attention of your customer, adding a background for viewers to connect with is important in this part to create a stunning and beautiful 3D scene.


It is definitely one of the most important 3D animation process steps as everything churns down to product movement. At this stage, you need to create motion and lighting in a way that showcases the product from different angles and makes the model stand out. With 3D animation, you can make a real difference in product design.

Editing and Post-Production:

Now, the final part of the whole process is editing and post-production. Here, you need to add music, sound, effects, and transitions, adjust the lighting, and edit or add certain elements so that your audience can easily understand the 3D Animation. At this stage, make sure to bring the final production to use after thorough editing. And you are good to go!

How much does 3D Product Animation Cost?

3D Product advertisement has become a staple in today’s digital landscape, as it is way more interactive than any other kind of advertisement. But is making a 3D product animation video easy?

The answer is no, as you need to follow many steps to complete the final product and require the expertise and skill of an animator. So, how much does 3D product animation cost?

Cost if you do it Yourself:

If you are thinking of creating a 3D animation yourself, the overall cost includes: time spent, hiring voiceover actors, animation software costs, license charges for stock music, and required 3D assets.

If you’re doing it yourself, then it may cost around $1000 to $2500, depending on your project requirements. Moreover, your animation video may not be up to the mark of a skilled animator. A basic animation done by a professional might cost a few hundred dollars more.

Cost If You Hire:

If you hire someone for the 3D animation of your product, the per-minute pricing of the project also depends on its complexity and artistic detail. It may cost somewhere between $500 to $3000 or even beyond, depending upon your project.

It might be a few bucks more costly than if you do it on your own, but a professional service provider knows how to create a 3D animated product video that sells. With a creatively crafted 3D animation, you can communicate clearly to the audience, get better engagement and also drive sales.

Cost-Effective and Premium 3D Animation Services by Advertflair:

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