The magical world of 3D Animation was introduced to us years ago, and since then, it has been doing wonders in several industries. While industries are evolving with the advantages of 3D product animation, the majority of people are not yet familiar with the concept of 3D Animation.

If you’re not familiar with the concept of 3D Animation, then hearing the word might create an image in your mind, and you may consider it a drawing. But the concept and 3D Animation process steps are more than just that!

3D Animation is a work of creating highly detailed moving pictures in the three-dimensional digital world by creating 3D models imitating the illusion of movement. So, it’s not mere drawing!

The art of imitation in the three-dimensional space is done with manipulation, creating an illusion of motion that is stimulated in a way that eyes tend to believe that the motion is created in real.

So, how does this whole process take place? Well, if you are curious, then here are some of the details regarding the process that you should know about:

3D Animation Process Steps:

We already know why 3D Animation is better than 2D, and that is why, ever since the introduction of 3D Animation, the world has been opting for 3D models instead of the standard 2D models.

However, the 3D Production process is not a piece of cake as it requires to follow several steps to create a beautifully crafted and complex 3D asset.

Creating 3D models of a product can seem to be a viable and beneficial aspect for any brand. However, implementing it and getting a final product is not an easy task! The production process is more complicated than any kind of animation, and the steps of the process may vary depending on the type of project that one is dealing with.

Here are some of the common steps that are involved in the process of 3D Animation:

Creating Concept and Storyline:

The first step in the 3D animation production process is conceptualizing the ideas that help create a storyboard that translates ideas beautifully into visual form.

It starts with a storyboard, which showcases your brand or product’s digital story in two dimensions, i.e., time and interaction. It’s about finding a proper plan associated with the impact that you want to have on the audience.

So, this is an important step, which is all focused on developing a proper storyboard that solves the initial issues with creating a creative visual form.

Creating Models and Texturing:

Among the important 3D Animation process steps are 3D modelling and texturing. Of course, 3D modelling doesn’t mean ‘drawing’ as it is completely different, which involves shaping and molding of 3D mesh.

The next step is texturing, which is like putting on some good clothes for the 3D models that are created by adding colors, textures, and designs.

Proper mapping is done with the help of several software programs to create seamless, repeatable patterns in these models. In short, a texture is overlayed on these models, and every minute detail is painted on them.

Rigging and Skinning of Objects:

The next process of 3D animation is rigging and skinning, which involves setting up a character for the model with the help of an underlying system that drives motion or movement for the character.

This is a step that brings life to animation with a rigging process that sets up a controllable skeleton for animation models. The 3D model is the skin of the animated object, so skinning is done to control the rig by manipulating it.

In this process, the object or model is manipulated by the controls of rigging and skinning by giving it skin and motion.

Animation and Lighting:

Now, you already know ‘what is 3D Animation’, and this step is where it is introduced in the process of production. It is an important process involving taking an object and making it move.

This step in the 3D animation production process is quite integral in that the animator manipulates the object objects present frame by frame and imports motion by capturing data and applying it to the already present rig.

After this process, lighting is introduced to wash out a scene and make the scene convincing. These lights are designed to stimulate how lighting works in a real-world scenario.

Setting Camera Angles and Techniques:

A major step forward towards cinematography, setting camera angles and techniques is an important 3D Production process. As we know, there is no camera in the real-world setting, and that is why 3D space requires 3D camera settings.

With the help of a 3D camera, the focal length, depth of the field, and other important points are mimicked, offering every minute detail of the object.

By using software related to cameras, the possibility of creation in regard to weight and size is infinite, and even the tiniest detail of the object can be showcased by changing the depth of the field.

Rendering the Models, Compositing, and Special FX:

The most important 3D production process is rendering, which focuses on rendering, shadows, color, mood, reflections, handling special effects, and more.

After going through the process of rendering the models, these models are brought into editing with compositing programs that add special effects to the models. From stage extension to creating a green screen, this stage does it all.

In this step, live footage is blended with computer-generated footage to create an elevated level of realism.

Adding Music and Final Editing:

Now that everything is done, it is time to add sound to the models with the important 3D animation production process step, which is adding sound.

Music and foley are added to the models to add that extra layer of depth and boost to set the mood for Animation after this comes the most important step, which is compiling everything and editing it to form a perfectly synchronized product.

After compiling everything, the product is exported and reviewed after getting feedback from the client. And you are done with creating a 3D product animation for your brand!

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So, those are the 3D animation process steps that you need to follow to bring a 3D product animation asset into existence!

Yeah, we know that before knowing all about the whole process, you thought that it only required drawing something and running a few software programs, and voila, you are done with 3D animation! Sadly, that is not the case!

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