Ever since its origin, 3D animation has come along with transforming the lives of many and affecting several industries. But did you know that this industry is not like it was at the time when it Originated? Want to know about some 3D Animation facts?

From blockbuster movies to video games and more, this technology has certainly made a mark in every field. But it seems more magical and interesting.

So, if you are someone who is wondering about how this technology came into existence and interesting facts about reading animation, then strap on as we embark on a journey to the magical world of Animation:

Fact 1:

William Fetter coined the term "3D animation" in the 1960s. He was a computer graphic artist and designer who created "Boeing," the first human figure made with a computer.

Fact 2:

It was the movie “Toy Story” that ushered this technology into the mainstream as it was the first full-length 3D animated movie, which earned an office collection of three $365 million!

Fact 3:

3D animation is a whole industry that includes video games, movies, and other types of technology, and it has grown to be worth billions of dollars every fiscal year. Several industries use 3D product development processes to develop their products and advertise them. It has become a staple for many businesses globally.

Fact 4:

Georges Méliès is considered the Father of Animation for creating the successful animated film "The Adventures of Padre Pio."

Fact 5:

The most expensive animated movie globally is "Tangled," which cost the studio $274 million.

Fact 6:

Èmile Cohl is considered the father of animated cartoons as he was the first French cartoonist who produced the first animated movie using the traditional animated methods- the 1908 Fantasmgorie.

Fact 7:

You might already know what is rendering in 3D animation process, but do you know that this process may require the use of high-power CPUs? In comparison to GPUs, most CGI animation is rendered on the CPU because of its efficiency and power.

Fact 8:

Did you know that Motion Blur was originally a hack? Fascinating, right? Motion Blur is a technique that blurs the image of an object, widely used in video games and movies to make scenes more realistic.

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