Digital asset management also known as DAM is all about organizing, storing, and retrieving digital assets like documents, images, videos, audio files, and any other type of digital content. It is very helpful for business organizations, as it creates a centralized system to organize and retrieve their media assets. What this does is, is to allow businesses to seamlessly access their media assets and streamline their workflows.

Why is Digital Asset Management Important for 3D Digital Asset Management and AR File Management?

Digital asset management is important for 3D digital asset management and AR file management because it assists organizations in seamlessly and easily accessing their media assets as well as streamlining their workflow. This system keeps the files secure by storing them away and offering features like user permission to help organizations allocate access rights to select employees. Not only does this ensure that only authorized personnel have access to sensitive marketing materials, but digital asset management also makes accessing files super easy. Let us look at the advantages provided by Advertflair Digital Asset Management System:

DAM Is a Centralized File Storage System:-

Zeroing in on the right file quickly is something that the employees of large organizations often struggle with. A mailer designer, for instance, may find it difficult to locate the most appropriate image for a particular campaign, as there may be a dozen similar images to choose from. By acting as a centralized storage facility, DAM can help organize a very large library of digital assets in a very systematic manner, providing easy, seamless, and quick access to whoever may need it, regardless of where they are located.

The Advertflair digital asset management system allows employees to locate their assets easily and quickly, using descriptions, tags, and keywords. Besides, they can also use meta-tagging and categorization to help users locate files with the help of advanced search queries and filters.

Enable Easy Asset Management:-

Anyone working for a media agency would be familiar with the stress involved in handling multiple teams responsible for dealing with a diverse clientele, particularly with regard to keeping track of asset-related issues. This is where Advertflair DAM steps up to the plate by empowering teams to create folders dedicated to specific projects, thereby streamlining asset storage and retrieval.

Project stakeholders are enabled to easily classify and organize digital assets according to their use, format, size, and other such parameters. Besides, it makes it possible to organize the files within folders with the help of tags that are suggested by AI algorithms. Customized fields and tags suited to individual project requirements further simplify asset discovery.

Avoid Copyright Issues:-

One of the things that can be a huge nuisance for businesses is the unintentional use or deployment of intellectual property in the shape of images or video, as this could create legal complications. Using the Advertflair DAM system saves people like designers and marketers avoid such trouble while implementing marketing campaigns across websites and apps. It does that by putting in place a fool-proof content validation mechanism that incorporates the expertise of a legal or compliance team. This system helps an organization align with the local laws of the land, as well as work in sync with enterprise tools and applications.

Better Asset Security:-

It is important for a business to ensure asset security by disallowing unauthorized edits. This has to be done in a manner where employees’ ability to access and retrieve assets in a timely manner is not impeded. The Advertflair DAM system puts in place differentiated access depending upon who the user is and what an asset is to be used for. Assets could be available as read-only to some while others could be made administrators capable of making edits.

Make the Most of Your Assets: Best Practices for Using Digital Asset Management

  1. Automated Asset Creation and Distribution Workflow
  2. Enhance Team Collaboration
  3. Leverage Asset Analytics

Automated Asset Creation and Distribution Workflow

Advertflair DAM rids designers and other such personnel of the necessity of manual tagging of content or media transcoding by helping automate workflows. It possesses the ability to consolidate diverse processes with the help of rule-driven distribution workflows. Users are empowered to automate these with the help of versioning, metadata extraction, and AI tagging features.

Asset Usage Analytics

Digital assets require money to acquire and use up processing power. Marketing departments, therefore, need to have a firm handle on the value of the digital assets they possess and determine whether these are worth the money spent on them. Advertflair DAM can help furnish the necessary metrics on the bandwidth being used, thereby ensuring that resources are not used in excess of what they should be on account of the duplication of transformation requests

Enhance Team Collaboration

Team coordination is usually quite difficult when it comes to obtaining approvals for an asset to go live on a campaign. This can be taken care of with the help of our DAM which helps put in place a system of streamlined collaboration between internal and external stakeholders by way of a single platform allowing users to collaborate by way of real-time exchange of messages.

Some Important DAM Statistics

  • Approximately 40% of marketers feel that they don’t have access to a single source of truth and find it tough to zero in on digital assets.
  • A DAM platform allows one to spend 28% less time weekly searching for assets.
  • Businesses witness a 34% increase in marketing productivity on account of DAM.
  • Content marketers who have deployed a DAM platform spend 34% less time weekly managing their assets.

According to a 2020 study by Fotoware 55% of those surveyed felt that the ability to manage and organize digital assets is the biggest challenge faced by marketers and enterprises.